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Defining a global logo
The name PANGEA
Our world has never been so divided, but once upon a time the world was united, at least geographically speaking. This can be referred to as Pangea, also known as the “urkontinent”. This means a world without borders, a world attached to each other - a world as one. 
Do we need another logo in the world?
Pangea’s visual identity is as clean and neat as possible. The story should not be about the logo, because what we’re seeing in today’s world is already an overload of content. Which raise the question do we really need another logo in the world?
Language as a form of visual communication and branding.
Due to pangea’s global purpose and universal idea it is important for the ‘logo’ to function in universal way which means it has to be readable in different languages, and as the ship itself to it has to be dynamic. Thats why the tagline is translated to every possible languages, so it readable for the people of the country Pangea is harbord. 
Besides the practical aspect of languages, the tagline also allows a poetical and dynamic word play with “Bringing The World Together”, which can change as you can see in the
example bellow. 
Constant change
The coordinates will adapt to the place and time of the ship itself. 

Antwerp, Belgium

51.2194° N, 4.4025° E

England, Plymouth

50.3755° N, 4.1427° W

Sweden, Stockholm

59.3293° N, 18.0686° E

Brazil, São Luís

2.5300° S, 44.2567° W

Official logo

The colors are, just like the ship, blank and black, but are again adaptable depending on which country it visits. It could perhaps take on the colors of the flag of the visited country, or use one color tone from the flag. 

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